1. Can you follow me/us back?

Sorry, fyeahchorong is run on as a side-blog so we won’t be able to. But we are more than happy to help you promote your (fyeah/fan blog) so shoot us a message!

2. What is that on Chorong’s right arm?

It seems to be a bandage [x]. Thanks to a fan, we discovered that it might be a scar she is covering [x]. However, we shouldn’t be worried as long as she can move her arm.

3. Does Chorong/A Pink have official INSTAGRAM accounts?

No, none of the A-Pink girls have Instagram accounts. If she creates one, of course we will notify you and list it up on our LINKS page. But for now, the only official accounts of A-Pink, are the ones listed on the links page.

4. Can we edit the fan-taken pictures that you post of Chorong?

NO. Please do not edit the photos ~

5. Could you translate “________________” for me?

[x] That depends! Do you have the article/interview link you can give me? and is it just APINK related? :) I will try to translate them as I can. Please send me the link un-anon!

6. Can we use fyeahchorong’s translations?

If you are using fyeahchorong’s translations for your tumblr and/or taking it out of tumblr, please give out full credits to julia@fyeahchorong.tumblr. Notice in advance will be nice as well, thank you!

7. But wait! Before you ask ~ Have you checked our reply tag yet?

Because of how busy are, we’d appreciate your help in making the running of this blog easier. If you could do a quick scan of this reply tag and see if your question is there before asking we’d really appreciate it. 

*private/personal questions to the admins MUST be asked un-anon, or else it will be ignored. if preferred, ask on our