[scan] Haru*Hana Magazine Vol. 25

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what was the selca of chorong hayoung was talking about in the behind the scene video of apink's 3rd anniversary fanmeeting?? (sorry , it's confusing)
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Hayoung is just imitating the way Chorong takes her selcas. Hayoung pointed that when Chorong takes selcas, she tends to make a duck face/pout like

x, x, x, x, x, x

just check out the selca tag and you’ll know what Hayoung meant.

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140722 Apink for Legion of Heroes
140722 Apink for Legion of Heroes
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When does Chorong start filming 9th boy?
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I think she’s already started

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Do u have any Chorong desktop size wallpapers or know of any site that provides it?
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Basically, all fantakens are great as wallpapers imo.

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9thboy instagram update- ending the picture update with this picture~ everyone good night!

9thboy instagram update
- ending the picture update with this picture~ everyone good night!

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Sorry for asking but where is the original source/ link of this post fyeahchorong*tumblr*com/post/91946480204 and the other bts photos? I want also to see the bts photos of other APink members... Thank you
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Lol that "derpy pic" of Chorong just froze me lol. Tbh I kinda doubted if that was really her. XD She still looks cute but that view and hair style made her face look different haha!
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That was her weak derp face too lol When I first saw it I thought she was 15&’s park jimin

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Don't you think that Chorong was the most beautiful during mid-2013's with her brown bangs? I don't really like her black hair ... ):
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Really? I like her black hair and she’s always been beautiful and still is.

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140719 Chorong’s Fancafe Message: Happy birthday maknae!

십대의 마지막생일을 보내고있는 막둥이!
그래도 오늘은 오랜만에 은지까지 모여서
다같이 보낼수있었네요! 좋았겠다 막둥이!!ㅎㅎ
정말정말 축하해~앞으로도 건강하게만 자라다오
(아..키는 그만 자라다오)

오랜만에 생일기념 엽사올리고갑니다!
팬분들 주려고 약하게 찍었어용>_<…
그리고 하영이와같이
오늘 생일이신 팬분들도 계실텐데 ..모두모두
즐거운 주말보내요 내판다들!

Our maknae celebrating her last teen birthday!
Today Eunji joined us for the first time in a while so we were able to celebrate it all together! You must’ve been happy our maknae!! hehe Happy happy birthday ~ Just grow up to be healthy in the future (Oh.. but stop growing height wise)

To celebrate her birthday I’m going to post a derpy picture!
It’s not as intense since I wanted to give it to you fans >_<…
Also with Hayoung,
There must be fans with the same birthday… Happy birthday to all of youu!
Have a great weekend my pandas!

translated by: fyeahchorong@tumblr

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when will nine boys episode will release? :)

AUGUST 28TH is the first episode! It will air every Friday and Saturday at 8:50pm KST (16 episodes, 8 weeks)

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Oh my God it's SO adorable when Chorong does something cute and then screams... she's so naturally cute and adorable. ...Why does she do that, anyway? Lol
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She screams at the end because she hates doing aegyo =_= she’s letting the cringe out lol 

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